Tomorrow's Child provides services and programs across the state to save babies lives and support families who have experienced a pregnancy loss or infant death. Through community partnerships and personal outreach, Tomorrows Child touches the life of every newborn in Michigan. We engage families, health professionals and caregivers to keep babies healthy and safe through our infant safe sleep efforts. We also provide grief support to anyone affected by a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.


Despite aggressive efforts to reduce the infant mortality rate in Michigan, last year over 800 babies did not survive to their first birthday and 500 were stillborn. This translates to more than four deaths every day this year in Michigan. While Michigan is one of the most progressive, industrialized states in the union, our infant mortality rate ranks among the worst in the nation.


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Ask The Doc

Dr. John Canine, a nationally recognized grief expert, answers questions and discusses grief issues here in our "Ask The Doc" section.

Question #6

I have a memory box from the hospital where my baby died.  I just can’t bring myself to look at all the things inside.  My mother thinks I’m not facing things because my baby died 8 months ago.  Is she right?                                                      

Q #6 - Dr. Canine's Answer

The answer to your question is no. You will eventually be ready to look at the memory box.  Your mother's broken heart is probably healing much faster than yours. And besides, she has not only lost a grandchild,...

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